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The purpose of the Youth Ministry is to guide young people into a personal relationship with God, enabling them to have prosperity in every area of their life, including spiritually, mentally, and physically.  Our Youth Ministry desires to meet and teach young people at every stage of development, from birth to age 17. 



GENESIS  ages 0 to 6

Genesis loves caring for your little ones, ages 0 to 6 years, so that parents can enjoy church service distraction-free.  When parents leave their children in the care of Genesis, they can be assured that their children will aslo be learning God's word while enjoying playtime, arts and crafts, live music and a Bible storytelling experience.



3CI Kids
Six Flags!
3CI Dance Ministry

TRANSITIONS  ages 7-12

This is the age when youth begin to make independent decisions and are highly influenced by the secular world.  The Transitions ministry focuses on teaching Bible basics  using lessons, games and activities.




TEEN MINSTRY  ages 13-17

The Teen Ministry is an integral part of Christ Covenant Church International. This ministry allows our young adults to express themselves in a loving and safe environment and to discuss issues that affect them on a daily which allows us minister to them at their level.  Through mentoring and practical lessons, teens learn how to live their lives in a way that is honorable to God and their parents.


Teens can serve God and 3CI as one of the following:

*Jr. Deacons


*Angels of Praise (Liturgical Dance)

*Youth Choir

*YC (Youth Council):  the Youth Council speaks for our Teen Ministry.  The Youth Council with the      guidance of our Youth Director, plans and implement youth activities both inside and outside of the  church.  

To learn more about our Youth Ministry, click here.

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