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The purpose of the Women's Ministry at Christ Covenant Church International is to support, encourage, and nurture women in their daily walk with God.



The success of our mission involves the following:

  • Elevate women as persons of worth because they have been uniquely created and redeemed by Christ,

  • Enable women to deepen their faith and experience spiritual growth and renewal,

  • Build a strong community of women in the church that provide mutual support,

  • Mentor young women within Christ Covenant Church, encourage their involvement, and create paths for them as they pursue their potential in Christ,

  • Address the concerns of women in a local and international context,

  • Recognize women’s unique perspectives to the issues facing today's Church, and

  • Seek expanding avenues of meaningful Christian service for women.


For more information about our ministry and how you can get involved, please contact Pastor Mary Bulloch here.


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