The Christ Covenant Church International Bookstore provides a warm and friendly atmosphere where people can fellowship over freshly brewed coffee. We provide friendly service to members and visitors while they indulge in refreshments before and after service.


Our Bookstore is a unique ministry providing the uncompromised word of God to promote Christian growth and victorious living.  The books, Bibles, teaching CDs, and other products have been carefully and prayerfully selected to ensure our customers will obtain the Word on salvation, the Holy Spirit, healing, faith, and wealth building.




Baby Dedication

Having your baby dedicated is a very personal and spiritual decision.  Dedicating your child’s life before family and friends is symbolic of your willingness to give your child back to Christ, demonstrating to all that you have absolute trust in God’s plan and will for your child’s life.


If you would like to have your child dedicated, please contact Sister Daphne Edwards in Church Services.





When we are baptized, we make a decision to live our lives in a manner pleasing unto God and to follow Him in all aspects of our lives.  Baptism is a promise or covenant that we make to follow Jesus Christ for the rest of our lives.  The act of baptism is symbolic of the same death, burial and resurrection that Jesus Christ endured for our salvation.  It is the end of your old life and the beginning of a new life as a follower of Jesus Christ.


If you would like to be baptized, please see Sister Daphne Edwards in Church Services.




Special Events

Are you planning a wedding, meeting, or special event?  Then, our church may be the perfect venue for you. If you are interested in hosting your special event at our church, contact Sister Daphne Edwards at(901) 435-6415 or email us here.

Our facilities:

  • Are easily accessible and affordable

  • Are available to members and non-members

  • Tables and chairs are provided




Pre-marital Counseling

If you wish to be married at Christ Covenant Church International, you will need to attend pre-marital counseling.  Pre-marital counseling for engaged couples lasts six to eight weeks.  Please email us here to schedule your pre-marital counseling sessions today.




Funerals and Hospitalizations

Has a member of your family recently been hospitalized, or have you recently suffered the lost of a loved one?  Please contact us so that we can show our support and join with you in prayer during this difficult time.

  • Click here to notify us of a Hospitalization

  • Click here to notify us of a Funeral